Sorting capability in GET responses

You can now sort the results in the response of GET endpoints in ascending or descending order by passing a query parameter named sort in the request. Value of sort parameter can either be asc or desc. This feature is available in the following endpoints.

Transactional Emails

  1. Get your SMTP activity aggregated per day
  2. Get all your SMTP activity (unaggregated events)
  3. Get the list of email templates
  4. Get the list of transactional emails on the basis of allowed filters
  5. Get blocked transactional contacts


  1. Get all contacts
  2. Get all folders
  3. Get lists in a folder
  4. Get all lists
  5. Get contacts in a list

Transactional SMS

  1. Get all your SMS activity (unaggregated events)
  2. Get your SMS activity aggregated per day

SMS Campaigns

  1. Get SMS campaigns

Email Campaigns

  1. Get all campaigns


  1. Get all processes


  1. Get all webhooks