Endpoint mapping

We have created a mapping of v2 endpoints and their equivalent in the API v3 Reference page to ease your migration process.

Here is a list of all the available functions in our API Clients If you would like to use them instead.



API v2

API v3

Additional Notes

Get campaign detail

Get an email campaign report

Create a campaign

Create an email campaign

Delete a campaign

Delete an email campaign

Update a campaign

Update an email campaign

Send a campaign report to specific emails

Send an email campaign immediately, based on campaignId

Export recipients of a campaign

Export the recipients of an email campaign

Send a test Campaign (bat)

Send an email campaign to your test list

Create a Trigger campaign

Trigger campaigns are Deprecated

Update a Trigger campaign

Trigger campaigns are Deprecated

Get campaign share link

Get a shared template url

Update campaign status

Update an email campaign status

Get list of all the folder details

Get all folders

Get the folder details with id

Returns a folder's details

Create a folder

Create a folder

Delete a folder

Delete a folder (and all its lists)

Update a folder

Update a folder

Getting all the lists

Get all the lists

Getting information about a particular list

Get a list's details

Creating a new list

Create a list

Update a list

Update a list

Delete a list

Delete a list

Add existing users to a list

Add existing contacts to a list

Delete users from a list

Delete a contact from a list

Display list users

Get contacts in a list

List all attributes

List all attributes

List specific type of attribute

List all attributes

Create attribute

Create contact attribute

Delete attribute

Delete an attribute

Create/Update a user information

Create a contact

Create Contact via DOI (Double-Opt-In) Flow

Get information about a specific user

Get a contact's details

Unlink a user from all lists

Update a contact

Import users

Import contacts

Export users

Export contacts

Get all processes

Return all the processes for your account

Get a specific process

Return the informations for a process

Get sender detail

Get the list of all your senders

Create a sender

Create a new sender

Delete a sender

Delete a sender

Update a sender

Update a sender

Create a webhook

Create a webhook

Get webhooks information

Get all webhooks

Update a webhook

Update a webhook

Delete a webhook

Delete a webhook


Transactional SMS

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