Endpoint mapping

We have created a mapping of v2 endpoints and their equivalent in the API v3 Reference page to ease your migration process.

Here is a list of all the available functions in our API Clients If you would like to use them instead.



API v2API v3Additional Notes
Get campaign detailGet an email campaign report
Create a campaignCreate an email campaign
Delete a campaignDelete an email campaign
Update a campaignUpdate an email campaign
Send a campaign report to specific emailsSend an email campaign immediately, based on campaignId
Export recipients of a campaignExport the recipients of an email campaign
Send a test Campaign (bat)Send an email campaign to your test list
Create a Trigger campaignTrigger campaigns are Deprecated
Update a Trigger campaignTrigger campaigns are Deprecated
Get campaign share linkGet a shared template url
Update campaign statusUpdate an email campaign status
Get list of all the folder detailsGet all folders
Get the folder details with idReturns a folder's details
Create a folderCreate a folder
Delete a folderDelete a folder (and all its lists)
Update a folderUpdate a folder
Getting all the listsGet all the lists
Getting information about a particular listGet a list's details
Creating a new listCreate a list
Update a listUpdate a list
Delete a listDelete a list
Add existing users to a listAdd existing contacts to a list
Delete users from a listDelete a contact from a list
Display list usersGet contacts in a list
List all attributesList all attributes
List specific type of attributeList all attributes
Create attributeCreate contact attribute
Delete attributeDelete an attribute
Create/Update a user informationCreate a contact

Create Contact via DOI (Double-Opt-In) Flow
Get information about a specific userGet a contact's details
Unlink a user from all listsUpdate a contact
Import usersImport contacts
Export usersExport contacts
Get all processesReturn all the processes for your account
Get a specific processReturn the informations for a process
Get sender detailGet the list of all your senders
Create a senderCreate a new sender
Delete a senderDelete a sender
Update a senderUpdate a sender
Create a webhookCreate a webhook
Get webhooks informationGet all webhooks
Update a webhookUpdate a webhook
Delete a webhookDelete a webhook


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