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Default date ranges added for response rendering

Posted by Sendinblue about 12 hours ago

Get contact details: Along with the contact details, this endpoint will show the statistics of contact for the recent 90 days by default. To fetch the earlier statistics, please use Get contact campaign stats endpoint with the appropriate date ranges.
Get campaign stats of a contact: This endpoint will show the statistics of contact for the recent 90 days by default. To fetch the earlier statistics, please pass appropriate date filters in the request.


Dropped support for list counters

Posted by Sendinblue about a month ago

We are pushing a few changes to ensure a better latency to all the contact related endpoints.


Total count in response modified to be in sync with last_modified filter

Posted by Sendinblue 2 months ago

Get all contacts and get contacts from list api's will now show the value of count in response considering the *last_modified* value, if passed in the query parameters.


Added uniqueSubscribers in response schema for fetching lists

Posted by Sendinblue 3 months ago

You will now receive uniqueSubscribers for a list for the below routes which denotes the total number of unique contacts (totalBlacklisted and totalSubscribers) present in a list.


Sorting capability in GET responses

Posted by Sendinblue 7 months ago

You can now sort the results in the response of GET endpoints in ascending or descending order by passing a query parameter named sort in the request. Value of sort parameter can either be asc or desc. This feature is available in the following endpoints.


New API endpoints introduced to manage blocked domains

Posted by Sendinblue 8 months ago

Three new api endpoints have been introduced to manage blocked domains:


Added templateId in response schema of getEmailEventReport

Posted by Sendinblue 8 months ago

Route: https://developers.sendinblue.com/reference#getemaileventreport-1
You will now receive templateId for events in the response of this route. templateId field will only be present in case of template based emails


Remove template validation errors from send TransactionalEmail API

Posted by Sendinblue 8 months ago

Route: https://developers.sendinblue.com/reference#sendtransacemail
You will no longer receive any template validation error from the API while sending a transactional email. Your email credits will not be deducted if there are any template validation errors while sending the email. You will also receive a daily alert consolidating all the template validation errors for a particular day, if there are any.

Limits for webhook creation

Posted by Sendinblue 8 months ago

Route: https://developers.sendinblue.com/reference#createwebhook
The number of webhook creation (marketing + transactional) is now limited to a maximum of 40. If a client already has more than 40 webhooks, they will not be allowed to create any more until they delete some of the existing webhooks to bring the total count to less than 40.


Input validation made more accurate for update email campaigns API

Posted by Sendinblue 9 months ago

Route: https://developers.sendinblue.com/reference#updateemailcampaign
Following rule, apart from existing ones, will also be followed for the validation of the request parameters from now on: